Flambeau Lighting: Lighting New Orleans Style…

…that IS Flambeau Lighting, in a nutshell….and, as stated in the Oct 2011 feature article in Enlightenment magazine,  ” it embodies the bon vivant spirit of this unique city through its lighting designs.”

In business for 11 years, Joe McKearn, founder of Flambeau, had the vision of Flambeau “leading the parade” just as the original flambeau torch bearers did prior to the days of electricity…and that he does with a finely tuned team of artists/designers Paul Gruer, Benjamin Burts and Elaine Gleason.

With shared passions for antiques, infused by the essence of New Orleans, each artist brings a unique aspect to the creation of the lamps presented by Flambeau, and sold directly to designers/retail store owners.

I was introduced to Flambeau last year, when a friend, thank you Tracy Johnson of Home Furnishings Business mag,  suggested I approach Joe, the owner, regarding the possibility of year round visibility in High Point by joining my evolving ZAAR Design Center.

Am so excited that Flambeau  has indeed joined us, with a selection of showroom samples now set up within ZAAR, available for customers to purchase.

So, if you didn’t have a chance to visit Flambeau during Market, be sure to stop by at ZAAR Design Center, which is open 9:00- 4:00 the 2nd Wednesday of each month, yes, the next date being December 14th, or by appointment.

We are conveniently located at the former Drexel Heritage Factory/corner of Green and Ward.

Look forward to spreading the Flambeau word, and of course selling their product at ZAAR.

Welcome Flambeau!


P.S. Be sure to “like” Flambeau on Facebook and check out their website.


About msantiques

Passionately promoting anyone, any product, any service that I believe people can benefit from, and thus terribly excited about the ever evolving ZAAR Design Center, where I look forward to serving those in the Home Furnishings Business in High Point and beyond...be it buyers, sellers, service folks etc. (Also LOVE working with/supporting "self-starts")
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