Making Days Count in Goa India

Has not been my inclination to write posts on this blog which are more personal in nature, scott and katybut I’ve let the noise around me (and in my head) be quieted enough to sit back and ponder this Gift of Life we have been Given and how we choose to Live it and the desire to introduce you to Scott Morgan and Katy Allgeyer (ZAAR Design Center member) trumps all inhibitions to put this out there…as they are Living very Intentionally, in Goa India.

scott morgan goaKaty Allgeyer,  is on what she, and her boyfriend Scott Morgan,  have called a “trip of a lifetime”….a trip that was planned after Scott was diagnosed with in operable cancer this past October.

I simply want to encourage you to follow them via Katy’s blog (where Scott also contributes) Going to Goa, as it is so very heartwarming and real…yes, real is what it is most.

I personally spend alot of time feeling I don’t make each day count enough/ scott morgan every day is a good dayletting myself get in the way of truly Living Fully/Giving Fully….and then I think about Scott and Katy, how they are making each of their numbered days count in Goa India.

I am touched by the courage that it must’ve taken (maybe not/maybe Going to Goa was really the easy decision to make?! After reading this, I would say yes to that.) to embark on this journey which has as at the core of its mission one of LIVING exactly HOW and WHERE, and with WHOM you CHOOSE to. So many decisions are taken away from you when diagnosed with a life threatening disease, but Scott, you took the bull by the horns and ran with it, and Katy, ever by your side.

Scott and Katy. You know you have friends and family the world around. You personify the adage that a stranger is just a friend you have yet to meet…especially you Scott….coming from a gal that crashed one of your parties, as led to by your friend Charles Simmons, and is now in that friend category. 🙂 You have, and continue to touch the lives of so many. I just want to thank you for being so kind to share your days, your travels, your thoughts/feelings with us as you so openly…sometimes soberly, sometimes with humor, peppered with photos and artwork, but always with candor and always with heart, via your blog. I do feel like I am there with you. Hope you can feel that the 1,200 plus people that read your blog are indeed there with you as well, with mere miles separating us…

Yes, this is THE trip of YOUR, both of yours, Lifetime, and you continue to touch OUR LIVES by sharing how you are Living Intentionally. Thank you again.

With great affection and in the Spirit of Friendship,


P.S. And, if you feel that you want to “do” something in response, then I encourage you to contribute to the Scott Morgan Education Fund, which has been set up in his honor.

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