Collaborations Juice me up…

2016-04-22 15.25.10….AND is that which ZAAR Design Center is ALL about.

So, here, the ZAAR Design Center Story, if you will…with update on newest collaboration! Yes, soooo excited.

zaarlogo small I’ve been in the business of importing/selling Chinese Antiques for the past 17 years…a genre I came to know and love during the time my family spent living in Asia, namely Bangkok Thailand from 1991-1996 and Taichung Taiwan from 1996- 1999. It was a abyzaar_bcard_ruthgreat experience living as expats, and it was great to relive that in the ensuing years after our 1999 move to New Gloucester Maine… as I went about the business of selling Chinese Antiques online, through our website, Antiques By Zaar…which entailed repeatedly recounting the story, when asked/as I so often was,  how the heck I ended up selling Chinese antiques, online, from a farm in Maine.

abyzaar collage maine

zaarlogo smallFor almost 10 years we imported a container full every 2 months, with the website as our main portal, and a  presence in High Point NC as we moved our warehouse from ME to NC in 2008….and I, in some form or another, ie, I’ve moved around ALOT,  have shown at the High Point Furniture Markets, twice/year, since 2004. The biz was a two man show…my husband did the buying and backend work, I did the selling and writing. It was a lucrative and good gig.

zaarlogo smallAnd then 2008 happened.  Need I say more?  My husband moved to New York, re entering the corporate world…read, get a regular paycheck…and I continued on with Antiques by Zaar solo.

zaarlogo smallAs chance would have it I, in 2012,  at the Fall High Point Market,  would be presented with an opportunity to broaden my base of product to sell, by way of introduction to Steve Laidlaw of Distinctive Chesterfields ,by  distinctive logo smallSteve Harding of Touchwood UK , who I met as a result of my forming ZAAR Design Center in 2010.  Based on my then 12 years of experience selling a high end product online I was hired as the first  US based sales associate for this UK based company, which operated on the same premise that I had built my business…factory to consumer pricing, no brick and mortar, and a focus on personalized customer service. It appeared I had a knack for giving people confidence in the process, the product and the people , as they went forth with their  virtual transaction.

DC ZDC PicMonkey Collage

zaarlogo smallLong story short, since Spring of 2013 we have been importing a container of pre sold chesterfield sofas monthly to the US. Thanks to ALL that have, and continue, to take the plunge.

zaarlogo smallThis relationship you could say, has served to offer a framework where Antiques by Zaar worked to serve as anchor for  Zaar Design Center…along with Distinctive.  My “evolving entity” was forming it’s identity.  Over the ensuing years I continued to enter into collaborations with a number of folks that I’ve met through the Furniture Market, where I represent their product online and they drop ship for me. And just last year I added another “foreign” company to represent, by way of Frank Rogers Design, based out of San Miguel Mexico, where beautiful hand forged iron table bases are fashioned by local artisans, under the direction of displaced New Englander/come expat,  Frank Rogers.

frank rogers pic monkey collage

zaarlogo smallBut what about the Chinese Antiques?  What about that from which this all started?  I do love the genre and I still enjoy selling it…AND I still own a healthy amount of inventory.  And although I would LOVE to buy truck loads, to flesh out said collection/as there are always “holes”, it didn’t make sense for me to continue on in the vein of buying  container loads, as I had done for a dozen years.

zaarlogo smallEnter Sammy Lin of Asian Barn.sammys collage

zaarlogo smallSammy has had a storefront in NYC since 2003. For the past 3 years he has been in the Flatiron District at 40 W 17th St, between 5th and 6th, in a 4,500 square foot space…where I first connected with him, walking into his shop and introducing myself.

zaarlogo smallI was immediately drawn to his collection as it was so similar to what we had been buying for over a decade, that it could’ve been mine. What started as a salient collaboration, where I would piggyback on his containers, with what I needed for my customers, and promoting my reproductions/which weren’t in stock, as now available through him…has recently become more visible, as I have agreed to serve as his Director of Sales, with the thrust of this position working towards growing his To The Trade business.

abyzaar designer collage

Images as Gifted to me by Antiques by Zaar Trade customers..from left to right:  Cynthia Mason Interiors, Tilton Fenwick, Meg Braff Designs, Hannah Dee Interiors and Anthony Michael Interior Design.

zaarlogo smallAs it would happen, I have more than just a handful of  NJ/NY/CT Trade accounts in my back pocket, which I am very excited to send directly  to Asian Barn. We look forward hosting events in his store, and giving  our trade accounts FIRST DIBS when new shipments arrive…which they do regularly.   Similarly  I will be presenting his goods/services to my accounts during the High Point Furniture Markets. For not only does he have what I deem a wonderfully curated collection of Chinese Furniture BUT he also is a gifted furniture craftsman, who can execute the details of a custom piece with great precision, AND at a price that can’t be beat.

zaarlogo small We are very excited to collaborate with WITHT, a networking organization for Women in withit logothe Home Furnishings Industry/ which I’ve been a member for past 7 years, for our inaugural party, a Good Karma Meet and Greet/Networking event. Asian Barn will serve as host to said event on Thursday April 6th, starting at 6:00 pm…serving Buddha Beer, dumplings….AND a grandiose dose of of Good Karma.  Please let me know if you would like to join us. I GUARANTEE you a good time!

zaarlogo smallI look forward to welcoming you to the ZAAR Community, if you aren’t already a member. Thank YOU to those that I already count as part of such.


P.S. …if interested in knowing about Trade Discounts on any product I represent, please reach out to me. Eager to work with you/help you bring your client’s dreams/your projects, to fruition.
2016-04-22 15.25.10207 838 2675








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Passionately promoting anyone, any product, any service that I believe people can benefit from, and thus terribly excited about the ever evolving ZAAR Design Center, where I look forward to serving those in the Home Furnishings Business in High Point and it buyers, sellers, service folks etc. (Also LOVE working with/supporting "self-starts")
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